High Power Fiber Components

  Optowide is the few companies who developed and owned the high power end-cap technology for single mode fiber. Our high power end-cap can stand up to 50W in single mode fiber. It is key technology for making high power in-line devices for fiber lasers. Optowide has the volume production capability of the following products:


1, High Power fiber End-Cap; High power fiber polishing and coating
2, High Power Collimators: 1060 nm/1550 nm, power up to 30W single mode, or 405 nm-1550 nm single mode fiber collimators.
3, 1060 nm in-line isolator for fiber lasers: 300 mW in-line; 3-5 W in-line and high power 30W in-line
4, Fiber Combiner: 7x1 to 31x1 high power fiber combiner
5, In-line high power AO Modulators
6, In-line high power Filter

Collimators for optics communication


    Optowide takes the advantages of in-house design and manufacturing of aspheric lenses capability, we can design and special collimators with better performances than the C-Lens or Grin-Lens collimators. For examples, when you need long working distance collimators, our special design collimators will improve your devices insertion loss and other specifications.

    Optowde also manufactures and supplies the high quality standard collimators for fiber optics communication: 1.8 mm or mini 1.0 mm collimators, single, dual, triple and quad-collimators. Our collimators are featured by low epoxy bubble, high reliability and better specs.

    Please contact our engineers for design and manufacturing your special collimators.

Pigtailed laser diodes



Aspheric lenses and high power end-cap and coating technologies are the key for making high efficiency of coupling laser diode to single mode fiber. Optowide’s capability of molding glass aspheric lens and high power fiber and precision optics makes us to be the best OEM/ODM partner for manufacturing laser diode fiber coupling products:

  • Wavelengths from UV 405nm to IR 1550 nm,
  • Power handling from mW single diode coupling to 100W FC modules
  • single mode, multi-mode and PM fiber or other special fiber output
  • High efficiency and high reliability
  • Cost Advantages with vertically integrated manufacturing


If you are interested about our products.Please check the products list as follow to get more detail, and you can contact our engineers for your demands.